The benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant and a Property Manager

Many of today’s investors and entrepreneurs often opt to work on their own. From marketing, generating leads, setting up appointments, to closing a deal. It takes dedication, patience, and courage to do this. It’s great and all, until it affects not just the consistency in your business, but also with your personal life.

A lot of us may be reluctant to hire additional staff as it may cost more, or you don’t have the time to look, hire, and train people. Truth is, having additional hands in your team increases your productivity and lets you focus more on building your business and in generating revenue.

If you are concerned about the costs and hassle of hiring and working with onsite staff, you might want to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant. A virtual assistant is someone who can provide professional assistance in administrative, technical, or marketing roles from a remote office, using their own equipment and software, which saves you the cost of providing the equipment and office space.

Hiring a virtual assistant is now becoming popular with investors. It doesn’t just cost less than having physical staff, but they can provide the same level of service an office staff does, just without the physical presence.

Having a virtual assistant gives you confidence that someone is on point in giving the best quality of service to your clients and leads. It means having someone to make and take calls on your behalf, schedule appointments, and making sure there is constant communication between you and your clients. They can also help generate leads, respond to a client’s needs  in a timely manner, keep your website, and social media sites up to date, and do any research you need.  These are just some of the tasks a Virtual Assistant can do.

Since we now live in a generation where most of our transactions are done via email or phone call, hiring a virtual assistant will definitely benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.

In real estate, especially for those who have rental properties, I suggest that you also hire a property manager. They don’t just help with the paper works, but also in keeping a good relationship with your tenants. To be more specific, a property manager can respond to your tenants’ needs and inquiries on your behalf, giving you more time to take care of your other properties or transactions. And, in the long run it helps in retaining a tenant. Having a professional relationship with your tenant motivates on time payment of rent, and the way they maintain the property.

It also means having someone to look and screen for good tenants. Property managers have experience in doing a thorough background check to make sure you get high quality tenants. They also take care of the marketing and viewing of the property, which means, it can be occupied faster and start generating income for your business.

Aside from these, a property manager makes sure that the welfare of the landlord is protected especially in legal matters. They can also take care of the eviction process which lessens a landlord’s stress and worries.

Find a Virtual Assistant that would fit your needs by clicking the link below.

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